Branding and identity projects, package design, website design and digital illustration. Advertising campaigns with a clever headline and beautiful layout. As a senior level freelancer with 20+ years experience, I have also created many digital renderings, logos, infographics and product mock-ups. I approach every project big or small with drive, insight and enthusiasm.

    - Thanks for taking time to view my work
  • “John Harrell is one of the best creative minds in the branding business. Because my voice is my brand and I use it in so many different ways, he had the particular challenge of capturing ME at the heart of my logo. He came at the problem from so many angles, I was blown away by the unique ideas I had to choose from. Every step of the process was exciting and I’m thrilled with the result. My card gets an extra look from every hand I put it in. My clients always notice how smart and intriguing it is. Thanks, John!”

    - Jennifer Green, voice actor
  • “John Harrell, owner of Harrell Creative can do it all. From brand strategy to creative implementation and production, he’s thorough with client requests and thoughtful of impactful copy and imagery to support brand individuality.  I can always count on him to be supportive of all our business objectives, work as a team player and has helped us out of a bind a time or two.  Harrell Creative remains a go-to for us!”

    - Season Elliott, VP Marketing – WisePies, MCS, Mobile Pathways